The Value of Convergent and Divergent Thinking

The Value of Convergent and Divergent Thinking
March 8, 2023

The no. 1 strategy all PM need to use to Boost your creative process 10x

I believe using convergent and divergent thinking in the creative problem solving process can be extremely helpful and also fun. Divergent thinking lets your mind wander and allows you to see the bigger picture while convergent thinking helps you zoom in on the problem. If you find a new way of seeing a problem, give this a try. This method is a great way to brainstorm and be creative everyday.

Convergent and Divergent thinking is one of the best tools you can use to boost your creative output. Oftentimes when struggling with the identification of the problem or the lack of creative ideas, convergent and divergent thinking helps you get beyond any sticking point. Each of these skills on their own form very powerful tools to aid with successful problem solving and creativity. When combined they form two sides of the same coin that can help develop a holistic view of the problem.

Divergent thinking is best described as the portion of the process that helps generate ideas. Divergent thinking is like  the right side of your brain which is your creative force. To utilize divergent thinking in its highest capacity, just start throwing out ideas. Ideas generated are meant to be exploratory, creative, and no judgment should be attributed to these ideas. Write some ideas on a post-it note and display the post-it in a space(or place) where you will see it often. Doing so will assist you in connecting your ideas with the bigger picture. I have found that writing my ideas down makes them actionable and tangible.

Drawing from the inspiration received from the divergent process, convergent thinking can now grow and take off. If divergent thinking is the right side then convergent definitely must be your left side. Convergent thinking is the analysis portion of the creative process. All the great ideas from divergent thinking have to come to an end at some point. If you successfully write down ideas on post it’s you can start moving towards organizing them. Connect the dots by joining them into like themes. After this is done you can assign metrics and start taking actionable steps to validating your ideas.